24 July 2014

Turning Twenty


I know my birthday is over... But at least I can re-live it on my blog and get excited all over again! This year at my local racecourse they were holding a race night on the date of my birthday! I took this as the perfect opportunity to plan a little picnic party with my closest friends and family! We brought lots of picnic blankets, along with some of my favourite food and drink. My dad made his famous coleslaw and potato salad and I "made" a jug of Pimms with strawberries and oranges (I forgot the mint)! My auntie also made me the cutest little cupcakes, personalised with my name and age on. I wore my favourite dress at the moment from River Island with my floral headband from Primark. The sun stayed around the whole day, which made my birthday even more enjoyable. It was a good job too because I did not have a plan B. After the last race we packed up and headed into town for a few drinks, unfortunately I have work the next morning so I was (not really) on my best behaviour!

Although I didn't win any of my horse bets I had the best time surrounded by my favourite people. I felt completely overwhelmed with all the lovely cards and presents I was given. Having everyone there to celebrate my birthday with me made me the happiest birthday girl ever!

In this post I wanted to share some of my favourite photo's from the evening! There was a lot of selfies going on...
Me & Em
Em, Charlotte, Me & Chelsey
Scott drinking from a very masculine paper cup!
Guy & Me

Edward & Scott "Studying the form"
Love, Laura

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