22 July 2014

Surprise Edinburgh Birthday Weekend | Part 1

On Monday It was my birthday and I turned 20. I officially feel like a proper adult now, I am in my twenties and I am no longer a teenager?!  For my birthday Scott surprised with a weekend away to Edinburgh! I still can't believe he managed to keep it a secret from me, I'm a bit of an inspector gadget when it comes to surprises! I just get really excited!!! The day before we went Scott gave me an envelope with our hotel details, tickets to Edinburgh Zoo and a voucher for Harvey Nickels. I have always wanted to visit Edinburgh so I was over the moon with happiness! The first day we spent walking down Princess Street, shopping,  eating yummy Italian food and enjoying the sunshine! (Yes it was sunny in Scotland) Now onto day 2 ... 
 After realising on the first day that it was in fact a 35 minute walk into the town centre, we discovered the bus stop right outside our hotel... I was a much happier girl that day!
 We took a walk down the famous Royal Mile, making the big mistake of walking down hill first! Which then meant we had to walk all the way up again! Thank goodness I had brought my converses with me, Edinburgh is very steep and hilly! Of course I had to get a photograph with a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe!? It would have wrong not too...
All the walking made us put on a few pounds!
This is where we had reached the top of the Royal Mile! My body fitted perfectly underneath the little sign! I wore my new Topshop coat that I got in the sale with some comfy clothes underneath.
Scott's name was everywhere...
We then walked through Princess gardens, where there were lots of pretty flowers!
 Which also lead us right past the castle where we got a quick photo! My hair at this point was crazy, I was forever putting my hair up because I was getting so hot (*cough* sweaty) from all the walking! My legs hadn't felt this much action in a long time!
 We then took a pit stop off at The Dome, Garden Cafe. Where we both had hot chocolates with all the toppings! It then started to rain but luckily the garden cafe had huge umbrellas that covered the whole area. This was perfect because although it was raining it was still really stuffy and humid!
We got massive food envy from the table next to us because they had the most amazing nachos I had ever seen. We may have ordered Nacho's from TGI's later that night...
Before heading out to TGI's for dinner we went back to our room early to escape from the rain, where we watched more episodes of Suits! While we were getting ready I played lots of birthday songs, my favourite one is Will.i.am, It's My Birthday. I may have been singing it all weekend... I then ordered a bottle of wine to our room to start my birthday celebrations early! 

Stay tuned for part 2,
Love, Laura

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