6 July 2014

Mexico Outfit #2 Jungle Print Co-ordinates

Missguided Co-ordinates / Primark Sandals
Hey Guys! Today I have my second outfit I wore in Mexico! This was my most exciting outfit! Before I went on holiday I was literally trying to hunt this down every day leading up to my holiday! They had my size in the shorts but not the top, so I was checking back everyday until... HALLELUJAH they had both the shorts and top in my size! This was the first two piece I had purchased so this excited me a lot! The colours, the pattern and the tiny little pom poms were so god damn gorgeous, I could already picture myself wearing it on holiday! I think this two piece is absolutely perfect for holidays and festivals. I am also looking forward to mix and matching the top and bottoms with other pieces now I am back in the UK.

Missguided definitely have the most sunning co-ordinates at the moment, I can't wait to get my hands on another already!!!

Can you tell I liked this bridge spot for my outfit photo's?! Backgrounds are way, way more beautiful abroad!

Love, Laura

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