22 July 2014

Surprise Edinburgh Birthday Weekend | Part 2

For my birthday Scott bought us tickets for Edinburgh Zoo! So this is how we spent our last day. We woke up super early so that we arrived just as the Zoo was opening. This way we got to see a lot of the animals before everyone arrived without all the craziness of people.
Whenever I go to a Zoo one of my favourite animals to see is the penguins, I just find them so fascinating, waddling about and diving into the water. I especially loved this picture because I just imagined the penguins having a very important penguin meeting! 
While I was stalking the penguins I found out something really cool. During mating season penguins will take the best pebble that he/she can find and present it to the penguin he/she likes the most. If the other one accepts this gift it means the two of them will be mates for life. But we then realised that when each penguin would leave their pebble stash the others would try and steal them. There was a lot kicking off. Maybe that's what the penguin meeting was about?!
This is a sun bear! They were so cute and very unscary! Here he is having his breakfast!
Edinburgh Zoo is basically set on a big steep mountain. So as you can imagine there was a lot of walking up very steep paths! This meant we had a lot of resting stops. When we reached the top we found the most beautiful view of Edinburgh. Nearly worth the tough walk, but not quite!
I loved watching the Zebra's because they constantly waggle their ears like a dog would waggle it's tale.
This was definitely the most exciting part of the day! We just happened to walk past the jaguars bit as one walked straight past the glass. He didn't look particularly happy. It was pretty scary thinking that there was only a piece of glass separating us from him. 
Another rest, but this time with a lolly. Much better. I had my favourite type of lolly, a Twister! We took our shoes off and had a little lay down in the sun. I was definitely on my way to having a little nap...
Scott chose a Calippo lolly.
The last animal we saw was the Panda's! Unfortunately she was facing away from us the whole time we were there. She was to interested in eating her bamboo! How very selfish!
Of course we visited the gift shop on the way out! I may be 20 now, but... I have no excuse really. Scott bought me the cutest little penguin! He is now called percy and is currently living on my bed. 

Thank you Scott for the best birthday ever!

Love, Laura 

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