28 July 2014

MAC "Saint Germain" Lipstick Dupe

Lets set the scene... This time last year I was obsessed with this lipstick by Collection called "Bubblegum" and for a small price of £2.99 who wouldn't be, with such great pay off and a gorgous creamy formula? A year later I then stubbled across this MAC lipstick called "Saint Germain" and I thought to myself, that looks like the exact same as my favourite ever lipstick. So of course I had to give it a whirl to see if it was better in any way. So this is my verdict...

These two lipsticks are very similar in so many ways! First of all the pay off are fantastic on both of them, both apply very opaque in a very creamy formula! Secondly the colour is extremely similar, almost identical! If anything I would say the MAC lipstick is a little brighter whereas the Collection one is a slightly toned down version. See for yourself below...

But if there were a competition to test the longevity of the two lipsticks, hands down the MAC one would finish first! But if you don't mind re-applying during the day a couple of times, who really cares? I don't! Not when I'm paying more than 5 times as much for the MAC lipstick!

I love both of these lipstick, but to be honest I don't use one more than the other (unless I'm being very lazy). When these two are both used up I will definitely be re-purchasing the bubblegum shade by Collection. It's just a no brainer! Too see swatches of them both on my lips, scroll down...
Left to Right - M.A.C "Saint Germain" & Collection "Bubblegum"
M.A.C Saint Germain

Collection Bubblegum
If you would like to purchase either of them, here are the links! :)

Love, Laura

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