6 May 2014


Hello! Yesterday here in England we had a bank holiday, which meant I had a three day weekend! The feeling I got on Friday afternoon knowing I had an extended weekend was just, well, made me a very happy girl! So yesterday I spent the day with Scott, we decided to make a picnic and enjoy a nice chilled out day at the races! With it being a bank holiday, it was just crazy full of people and little children. For once we actually walked instead of relying on our cars, it was nice to being able to take our time and chat along the way! It also meant we didn't feel as bad eating all the yummy foods we'd bought for the picnic!
I wore my floppy hat from Topshop and a lovely bright yellow top from Next! 
I also wore this really cute little necklace I bought from Primark, I absolutely love wearing this, it just adds that extra something to a plain outfit! I got this for only £3! I am just loving all pastel things at the moment, it's my favourite trend for Spring/Summer.
Here was the selection of food we chose for our picnic, along with some Ros√® wine and some beers! The carrots and fruit were to cancel out our naughty purchases!! 
Scott looking all handsome...
I actually won! I was so happy because my horse overtook the front two horses right at the last second! We were sat right in front of a massive screen which meant we could be lazy and not move pretty much all day... 
I then put a bet on "Lynngail" later on because my mum's name is Lynn... and she won for me!! Two out of three wins, not bad, not bad!
Scott's sad (losing) face from not winning any of his bets! There was a lot of comfort eating going on in between races...
We had such a lovely day and considering the amount of energy we didn't use, we were so sleepy when we got home, we couldn't resist a little afternoon nap! 

I'm starting to understand horse racing a little better now with a little bit (a lot) of Scott's influence, though I kept using football references, like, pitch instead of course (oopsy!). 

Love, Laura x

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