17 May 2014

We've Got Company!

Hey Guys! Today is my dad's birthday and yesterday some of our most dearest friends, Linda and Jock came over to stay with us for the weekend to celebrate! Which of course meant lots of drinking and eating!! Nibbles is one of my biggest weaknesses, for some reason it seems a lot less harmless eating small amounts of different bits, until the whole bowl of crisps have disappeared and you realised no one else has taken any. Yes this happened... Numerous times! 
So today was such a beautiful day. I woke Scott up at 6 am just to show him how sunny it was outside! Taking advantage of the lovely weather we all went for a walk into town for some lunch and a look around the market. Jock and Eddie found these dead cute ninja turtle caps!
My dad and Linda were very interested in the herbs! (Serious herb faces going on here).
This is the top I bought my dad for his birthday! He is completely obsessed with all Marvel films!
It was so sunny I was actually squinting a little!
A little more browsing... 
Then we hit Lucia's for some lunch!
Unfortunately it was super busy so we had to sit inside!
Most of the day was spent teaching my dad how to use his new "technical" (touch screen) phone! He actually went into Carphone Warehouse to get them to download apps for him! There is no helping him... 
I was really happy we went to Lucia's because I have been dying to try their mussels because Scott has been saying for ages how yummy they were!
They were so gorgeous and afterwards I soaked the sauce up with some crusty bread! Mmmm!

I was very good and held off on buying any new clothes. With me and Scott going to the Trafford Centre next weekend I wanted to wait to look at all the bigger shops to buy all my holiday clothes! 36 days and counting!

I hope you're all having a lovely jubely weekend!

Love, Laura x 

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