30 May 2014

YouTube: Summer Holiday Clothing Haul

Well hello there! This is rather A BIG deal for me! Yesterday morning I set my FIRST EVER Youtube video live, and oh my was it nervous, scary, exciting, weird,.. a lot of different emotions going on there! But I have finally ventured out into the world of Youtube and I am so so happy that I have! I am forever watching haul and beauty related video's on Youtube and I just thought to myself recently, I can do that! Right? Well at least I have given it a go! I know it won't be perfect and I may have said the words "like" and "love" a loooooot of times! I am still learning, but I do apologise in advance! But I love being able to see what new clothing is out on the high street, especially when you can do it sat in you jammy's tucked up in bed! I hope you enjoy my summer holiday clothing haul and hopefully it will give you guys some inspiration for your own holidays!!

You can find me at www.youtube.com/doddslaura OR
Click on the first image to take you directly to my video!

Love, Laura x

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