12 May 2014

A Not So Lazy Sunday?

So the day may have started a little lazy but I promise you things get a lot more active! We spent the morning lazying around in bed with Zara listening to the Frozen soundtrack! Zara and one of her many teddies, frog, love to spoon! She is a very good doggy in the morning, she will literally laze about all morning until I decide to get up!
Time for some tummy tickles... 
So here we are, me and my dad have been running together for the last few months training for the Beverley 10k. I ran it last year for the very first time and my dad managed to persuade me into doing it again this year! So here we are just before the race! Looking rather happy considering it was raining outside and the race was literally half an hour away!!
So here is a pretty awesome action shot of me and my dad, taken by one of the photographers on the day! Weirdly I look like I have three legs because of the women running behind me! Though a third leg might have been quite useful actually!
AND WE FINISHED! I managed to finish in 1 minute quicker than last year, which I was so happy about!! My official time was 57 minutes and 14 seconds! Luckily the rain held out until the very last minute and happened at the perfect time as we were passing the finishing line for a nice little cool down! All my family came to watch aswell as Scott and Chelsey! It was so lovely to have them cheering us on at the last stretch to keep us going! I did find it pretty tough, whether that was because I was running with my dad, I dunno!!! ;) But the feeling when I finished was just the best feeling in the world! We bypassed the free bananas and head straight to the pub for some lunch and a well deserved cider!
Later on after a little doze I took Zara for a long walk! She was very interested in the cows this time, soon after she scarpered and ate some grass?! Copying the cows maybe? haha

Love, Laura

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