21 April 2014

NUXE Rêve de Miel Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm | Product Review

I have completely fallen in love with this product! Usually for me with most things I have to use the product for quite some time before I see any sign of improvements! But this product is some kind of miracle worker, I wore this for the first time over night and woke up to my lips feeling very NORMAL, for once! That may sound strange but for a very long time my lips have been very dry and cracked, and for someone who loves to wear a bold lip it was a nightmare! You can have the most gorgeous lipstick but over horrible cracked lips it just looks crap, doesn't it? 

I would definitely recommend this lip balm as an overnight product because it has a very thick consistency, it's definitely not the kind of balm you could wear underneath a matte lipstick! I would describe this product as an overnight mask, but for your lips! It's as if the product completely dissolved into your lips, leaving no remnants of the balm behind. I also like to wear this when I am having no make-up days just to give my lips that extra boost!

This lip balm smells just like Terry's Orange Chocolate (mmmmm). Though it doesn't taste like that, which is fantastic for me because I don't end up licking it all off! To me this feels like a luxurious product, purely from the packaging being a little frosted glass pot and the thick creamy consistency. After applying the lip balm your lips are left feeling almost matte and non sticky. I always find with lip balms I am constantly re-applying within an hour of my first application, but this balm seriously doesn't budge, it sticks around forever! Which also means you are using a small amount of the product, which to me justify's the price tag of £9.50.

This product has worked wonders for me and honestly I couldn't recommend this enough. If you are always having the same problem with dried, cracked or chapped lips, definitely give this one a whirl. I have finally found my go to lip balm. HORRAY!

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