7 May 2014

Revlon Nail Enamel / GRAY SUEDE

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you this beautiful nail varnish by Revlon, it's called the Revlon Nail Enamel in the shade "Gray Suede 030". I have fallen in love with this simply because it's such an easy option to painting your nails. I am not going to lie, painting my nails is just one of those things that takes me a long time to get right, ok I am a bit OCD when it comes to paining my nails, I just can't bare smudged or chipped nails!! So if you're like me this one is perfect.

Firstly the shade is this gorgeous nude/champagne colour with a slight shimmer running through it. With it being such light colour it really doesn't matter if you paint over your cuticle or onto your skin because you can hardly tell (shhh, nobody will know). Whereas with a bright colour you have to be super careful and patient - and patient is one thing I ain't. With the slight shimmer in the formula it makes your nails appear more shiny, almost like you are wearing a top coat! Which in these photo's all I am wearing is two coats.

I would recommend two coats with the varnish because the consistency is very thin, but to me a thinner formula is something I much prefer. To create an opaque finish I like to build the colour up with a couple of coats. This way I find your nails are less likely to chip, as you're gradually building the coat up instead of waking on one thick coat. Generally with thicker coats you're are more prone to smudges and chipping.

If I had describe the colour of this varnish it would be "My nail colour, but nicer". I think this nail do if perfect for those lazy days or for those times when you're in a super rush but can't bare to face the day with naked nails! This product dries super quick that once you have completed your first coat on both hands you're ready to go again with the last coat!
P.S why do we all make this horrendous claw with our hands when photographing painted nails, yes, guilty as charged!

Love, Laura

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