31 May 2014

A Breakfast kinda Picnic!

Hello! Last weekend I took breakfast over to my amigo's house and we had an indoor breakfast picnic! Whenever Scott and I plan summer days out, the first thing I'll say is "we'll take a picnic", it has pretty much become a standard procedure! There's just something about eating food, sat on a blanket, on a hot summer's day that makes me super excited! But because the weather was crappy here I thought it would be a fun idea to bring the picnic indoors! Two "picnicy" things I have never done, an indoor one or a breakfast one, ooooooooh exciting!
I went into town planning on buying croissants, which easily passes as a breakfasty kinda food. Unfortunately (not) all I could find were these delicious Nutella chocolate chip cookie cakes...
I then popped to our local groceries to buy some fresh fruit to accompany our ever so healthy breakfast! I love going to the groceries to buy my fruit, lets just say I fit in very well amongst all the little grannies early that Saturday morning!
I went for the strawberries and the cherries! Everyone was buying the cherries at the till, so just to make sure I wasn't missing out, I copied... and boy were they tasty!!
I fell in love with the orange juice that was in a cute little milk bottle, is that possible, to fall in love with a glass bottle? So of course this had to join the picnic too!
The cherry scone was a secret... But we did share, I promise!
While digging into all the yummy foods we sat and watched Modern Family! It was such a lovely saturday morning well spent chatting, eating and cosy'ing up on the sofa!
Happy Weekend Everyone!

Love, Laura x

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