19 May 2014

KATE Mascara by Rimmel London / Product Review

Recently Rimmel London have launched their first eye collection by Kate Moss called "Idol Eyes". Immediately I was drawn to the mascara because of the gorgeous packaging that very much reminded me of the "They're Real" mascara by Benefit, because of the shiny metallic colour. To then open the mascara to reveal the unusual broken heart shaped brush I just couldn't wait to try it out! 

This product is so easy to get on with, whilst applying the mascara to my lashes I found the brush gripped so well, catching each individual lash and getting right into the root. Leaving the lashes beautifully separated with no clumps or lashes stuck together (see image below). I cannot bare it when a mascara applies too much product, resulting in spider eyes! You all know what I mean right? You try so hard to separate your lashes by going over and over again with the brush, applying way to much product and merging your lashes together and BAM, before you know it you have a set of spider eyes! 

The broken heart shaped brush helps give your lashes a very natural curve without curling your lashes before hand. Also giving you great definition in every individual eye lash. With the mascara having a smaller tip on the end I find it is very easy to catch all the lashes in the inner corner of my eyes, without getting mascara on my eye lid. This also makes it so much easier to apply the mascara to your bottom lashes too!  The brush fits perfect into the natural shape or your eyelashes, making it very easy to apply without being too vigorous. When applying mascara I like to use the blinking method to ensure my lashes push right into the bristles of the brush covering all around my lashes. 

I would definitely say this mascara gives a more natural look rather then a false eye lash effect. I would wear this mascara for my every day make up because of the voluminous lift that it gives. Whereas for a night time I would opt for a mascara that makes my lashes appear fuller and thicker. 

Well I think I have said the word lashes far too many times and now the word just doesn't sound normal anymore (heehee)! 

Love, Laura x

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