16 March 2014

Tartan Touch

Topshop Oversized Shirt / Primark Sunglasses / Topshop Checked Leggings / Primark Handbag / Primark Sandals 
The sun may be making an appearance but god damn the wind is definitely over doing it lately. Today I went for birthday lunch with my friend - Happy Birthday Chelsey! I've decided to venture out of the black leggings obsession and spruce things up a little. I've been stalking these leggings on the Topshop website for a while now until I checked back on Friday when they had my size in stock (horaaay!) They're a gorgeous fit and so flipping cosy! I have to say Primark is got it going on at the moment, I was there Yesterday and 3 hours later...

Right now I'm gonna head over to Scott's *fingers crossed* finish the last season of Breaking Bad and finish my weekend off with a cup of tea snuggled up on the sofa! 
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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