5 March 2014

Michael Bublé in Concert

Hi There! This weekend was a very very exciting one for me. I got to see THEE Mr Michael Bublé in concert at the 02 Arena in Manchester! PHWOAR what a beautiful man he is, even thinking about him now makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! From the moment he walked on stage and sang the opening line of "Fever" he melted my heart. There's something about his voice that is so damn sexy!
We arrived in Manchester early so we could explore The Trafford Centre and have some lunch! Of course I managed to persuade everyone into TGI Friday's, my all time favourite restaurant! I just freaking love it there! 
 Where I live we don't have one nearby so every chance of a TGI's I grab with both hands (and feet)! Each time I go I like to explore the cocktail menu and go for a different one! This time I went for the "Porn Star Martini" and OH WOW it was delicious. 
I've not featured my mum on my blog before, but here she is ^ I think she looks so pretty and glowing in this photograph :) We both ordered the same drink because back at Christmas me and mum tried this cocktail for the first time and have loved them ever since!
The cocktail was served with a shot of Prosecco on the side! At first I thought this was a shot of vodka, which confused the hell out of me, a shot of vodka at 1:30 in the afternoon?!  Until the bar man kindly explained to me, what it was and how you either pour it into your cocktail or sipped it along side.
For those whom haven't dined at TGI Friday's, it is an American restaurant chain focusing on causal dining. The decor is always amazing and the staff are so friendly and welcoming. I have only visited America once when I was in Florida, but this place reminds me so much of American dinning! The place is so fun and always leaves me feeling all happy inside!
I ordered the chicken sizzling fajitas!
After food we shopped around for a while. I got very excited in Selfridges, it is the most wonderful place. The food hall, the beauty counters, oh my it was all a little overwhelming, especially when you are supposed to be saving your pennies. I have to say I was very impressed with the Primark section in Selfridges, trust me if there wasn't a "Primark" sign I wouldn't have realised where I was. Seriously, the clothes were set out so beautifully I could hardly contain my excitement. What a difference a selected lines and organised presentation can make! I especially loved the range of bold necklaces they had to offer! I bagged myself two of them for only £6 each! After we'd finished gazing at all the pretty things in Selfridges and a few shops later, we headed back to our hotel for a chill out before it was time for the concert.
After making ourselves look all pretty for Mr Bublé the weather turned against us BIG time! As soon as we stepped outside our hotel for our taxi, the rain poured it down! Hence why our hair looks flat and lifeless. Luckily for us Bublé didn't notice the damage!
 Me and my mum shared some marshmallows and strawberries covered in melted chocolate! For £4 they were an absolute bargain?! (waaaaaah!)
 and here's Mr Bublé in action! My favourites out of the songs he sang were; Fever, Haven't Met You Yet, Everything and Cry Me a River!
I found him to be such a naturally funny guy and he was an absolute dream to listen to! He sounded just as good live to when I listen to him singing through my headphones, the only thing that was missing was a Christmas song! Wishful thinking I know! But how incredible would it be if he did a Christmas Tour around November time?? Singing all the songs from his Christmas album, "Merry Christmas Mr Bublé, Merry Christmas Ladies!" Ok, I am getting way ahead of myself and have found myself talking about Christmas in March time? That has to be a new record, even for me! 

I hope you're all having a nice weekend so far, and just remember, tomorrow is Thursday, so we are very close to the weekend again :)

Love From,
L x

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