11 March 2014

A Little Wish List

Holiday saving is finding to be more difficult than I imagined. Until May is through a big chunk of my wages is going towards my holiday to Mexico. I can't complain really, can I?! So everytime I find myself lusting over the new spring fashion, I have to repeat to myself "Mexico, Mexico, Mexico". Reminding me that life isn't all too bad! Still, I am allowed to browse, no matter how painful that may be to do. I have never been the kinda gal who can "window shop", I always manage to persuade myself that I NEED IT, no matter what it may be. There seems to be a theme running through my wish list, pretty plain and simple, I know.  But I love staple pieces in my wardrobe that I can style easily with other outfits, without looking like I live and die in the same old clothes!

Usually I am not the one to wear horizontal lines, but because in this dress the lines gradually decrease in size as you reach the top half of the body, I think this will be a lot more flattering on the figure.

Recently I was watching a haul video by "The Persian Babe" in which she was wearing this shirt. Immediately I fell in love with it.  The two toned stripes make this piece look very classic and pretty! I feel I could throw this shirt on with a pair of leggings and still feel smart.

As I am currently very lazy at accessorising my hands, I want to venture into the world of rings. I love this one in particular because I am a big lover of pastel colours, oh, and I can't wait to try some of the dainty midi rings too!

4. Crinkle Oversized Shirt - Topshop
I have been on a serious hunt for the perfect oversized white shirt! But every time I keep coming back  to the same Topshop one! I love how slouchy it looks and that the shirt doesn’t appear transparent. I recently purchased some beautiful daisy print bottoms and I think they would look perfect with a white shirt tucked into them. This may have to be a naughty little purchase.
5. Khloe Buckle Trim Cleated Sole Sandals - Boohoo
On Sunday we had the sunniest day of the year so far, which reminded me that a pair of sandals are definitely in order. I think these white chunky ones have a bit more character to your average sandal, with the gold buckles and a chunky heel. I can already picture my feet looking a little bit less pale with the contrast of the white against my skin tone, during the Summer time where everyone else seems to be tanning but me!!

I hope this has given you a little bit of inspiration! Right now I think I may have to order the white shirt, while resisting to buy all the other items! Wow, blogging about what you want to buy is very much like torture!! Why do us girls do this to ourselves?!

Have a lovely week, 
see you soon!

Love, L 

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