30 March 2014

Homemade Afternoon Tea

Today I  had a lovely day spent with family for Mother's Day. We had some of our close family over for afternoon tea! My mum and I made finger sandwiches with egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon, tuna, ham and prawn fillings! I mainly sat and ate the crusts and the left over filling! But I did bake some millionaire shortbread (picture below). I over cooked the caramel and burnt the chocolate! But the shortbread was spot on ;) Luckily everyone else had baked too, so there was plenty of other choice. Seriously the amount we had was insane considering there was only 12 of us! I am currently eating the left overs for supper as we speak!
More cake... Courtesy of my Auntie Gillian!
My mum used these little jars as vases, which I thought was such a cute idea!
My cousin made chocolate brownies using a really cool stencil for the writing!!
...and here is a photo of me and my beautiful mother! She is currently fast asleep in her slanket my brother bought her for Mother's Day! It looks amazingly cosy and i'd be lying if I said I didn't secretly want one!
More cute flowers in jars! 
I love special occasions because it's a great excuse to get all the family together and eat lots of yummy food (without feeling guilty)! We drank sparkling wine and  Eva Cassidy played in the background! It was oh so civilised for a "Dodds family get together".

Love Laura x

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  1. All those cakes made me so hungry!!! I hope you had a fab mothers day :)
    Please check out my blog http://littlebeautybloge.blogspot.co.uk/
    Elizabeth x