25 November 2014

Zoeva "Complete Eye Set" Makeup Brushes

I purchased this gorgeous set of makeup brushes from Zoeva a while back in the summer. So now that I have been using these for a while, I feel I can give them a proper, good old review!!

It is safe to say I freaking love them and they have become an absolute staple in my makeup collection. I bought these from the Zoeva website for €60 (around £47.50). Pricing each brush at around £4 each, not bad at all! The quality of all these brushes are fantastic, super soft and no fall out of hairs so far! I feel with this collection you're definitely getting the full package! I can't think of one eyeshadow brush they're missing from this collection. Originally I didn't have many makeup brushes so this is the perfect starter kit and would make a lovely birthday or Christmas gift. 

Okay, now for my favourites... Although they are all fab I do have my go to favourites! So lets start with the furthest to the right, the 228 crease brush. This is by far my favourite and most used brush, this brush blends like a dream. Perfect for creating a lovely smokey eye! Oh and FYI this is definitely a great dupe for the MAC 224 tapered blending brush!

Now to the second brush from your left, the 142 concealer buffer. Although this is fab for blending your under eye concealer I do prefer to use this when I'm only wanting to use a single eyeshadow. I like to us this brush to buff my eyeshadow all over the eyelid. 

The 230 luxe pencil brush (second from the right) is perfect for bringing your eyeshadow underneath your lower waterline. Then to smudge out,  I like to use the 231 luxe petit crease brush (third from the right). To add a little highlight to the tear duct area I like to use the 237 detail shader brush (fourth from the right), this brush is great because it's super tiny so that you can add your highlight precisely without your highlighter going everywhere!

Along with the makeup brush set you get this lovely faux leather, hot pink, silk lined makeup bag! When I ordered the set I wasn't expecting much from the bag, but man I was wrong, along with the makeup brushes it is brilliant quality and the perfect size for carrying your makeup brushes whilst you're travelling!

Have you tried any of the Zoeva makeup brushes? What do you think?

Love, Laura 

You can buy them here!

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