13 November 2014

Dressing Table Tour

For a while now my room has been undergoing a make over! So now that I am 100% happy with my room I am very proud to share a big part of my little place of happiness! This being my dressing table. I have never owned a grown up dressing table before, so this makes me extremely happy! Having a dressing table reminds me of being a little girl first starting out with make up! I remember my mum used to flick through the Avon catalogue, letting me pick something out for myself! So now that I am half good at make up and can buy as much of the stuff as I please,  I can finally sit at a proper dressing table and apply my make up, peacefully. Instead of sitting on my bed and shamefully causing a lot of makeup stains on my carpet and bedding. If you'd have seen my carpet before, you would have cried!! I am far too ashamed to put up a before and after picture!

My dressing table is still fairly small as the size of my room is also small. Therefore I try to keep the top as uncluttered as possible! I like to keep my current perfume that I am loving along with my jewellery box! Now that I have a nice size collection of make up brushes, I like to keep them on show too! Underneath I like to keep some coasters because I aint standing for no mug marks on my brand spanking dressing table!  I also keep the book that I am currently reading on the side because I can't fit a bedside table in my room! This also reminds me to take a break and read, because with all the great YouTube videos available to watch at the minute, it's hard to fit in reading time too! In the two drawers I like to keep some of my fashion jewellery along with my chargers for my phone, laptop and camera, just so that I know exactly where they are!

Let the pretty pictures commence...

Please let me know in the comments if you have any dressing table storage ideas! I'd love to hear them!

Love, Laura