10 November 2014

Christmas Gift Wrap Heaven

So recently I have become a tiny winy bit obsessed with buying Christmas gift wrap! But more importantly really, really affordable too. Which admittedly makes me very happy inside! Cute and inexpensive festive gift wrap? I am all over it right now! It was only until my friend Em said to me "at this rate you'll have more gift bags than presents". I can't disagree with that but soon enough, at the end of this month I am hitting York for some serious Christmas shopping. Personally I find with gift bags it makes giving a present to someone that little bit more special! Also if you're like me and not so great at the wrapping part, gift bags are a great way to disguise your rubbish wrapping skills!

My favourite shops to buy my gift wrap have been, The range, Asda and T.K.Max. The Christmas fawn wrapping paper is my number one favourite! This was from Asda and they have a deal were you can buy 3 rolls of 5 metres for £5. Fifteen metres of wrapping paper is most certainly enough for me! Along with the wrapping paper they have the gorgeous gift bag to match! £1 and they are very generous in size! They also had a cute little pillow that goes too!

The paper bags with the felt Christmas designs on are from The Range! As soon as I saw these in the shop I knew I was going to use these for all my girlfriends' presents! They are just too cute! The gingerbread biscuit gift bag was from T.K.Max and they also had this one in a couple of smaller sizes too! They also have a great selection of baubles! I have a feeling baubles are going to be my next Christmas addiction, once I have bought one, there's no stopping me!

Please let me know in the comments if you know of anywhere else to buy such adorable gift wrap!

Love, Laura

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