18 November 2014

New In At Topshop // Autumn Winter

7. Golly Metal Toe Court Shoe

Every Morning morning, come break time at work. I sit with a cup of tea at my desk and open up the Topshop "New In This Week" page. Sad I know. But true. Not wanting to break the tradition, I did the exact same thing yesterday morning! Slurping away at my tea, I came up with these beauties!!

I am loving the dark burgundy and navy colours at the moment! I am especially loving the burgundy court shoes with the gold edgy detail in the toe and heel. Great for the Christmas party season! Also with your toes being covered you don't have the fuss of painting your toenails! Bonus!

Number 4 has to be my favourite piece! I tried this cardigan on in store and had a bit of a moment staring at myself in the mirror thinking, damn this looks good on me. Somehow I managed to convince myself to leave it on it's hanger. But now I can only think, that was a bad move!

Topshop have a fab selection of cropped, long sleeved jumpers in this season. They are the perfect thickness so that you can layer up in the winter and I think these would look perfect paired with a faux leather skirt, black tights and a sleeveless fur jacker. To me it sounds like the ultimate Autumnal look.

Which is your favourite piece?

Love, Laura


  1. No2 is a stunning dress! :) Just a shame Topshop don't go up to my size :P
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  2. Oh my gosh, we have such similar taste! I'm a huge fan of Topshop and never more than at this time of year, at which point they bring out a load of suede, fur and jewel colours! :) The twisted snood is heading straight for my Christmas list and the metal-toe heels are exactly what I was saying about Topshop's jewel colours! :)



  3. Hi there! Yeah, I remember your blogpost on your suede shoe collection :) I know, I could go mad in Topshop at the moment, it has such a festive feel! I really want one of their Christmas jumpers too! ha ha. Lovely to see you over here! x

  4. Replies
    1. I know I can't wait to get my hands on it come payday next week!! :) x