29 August 2014


This bank holiday Monday I hung out with my bestest friend, Em! We spent the afternoon catching up over a late breakfast at the Wagon's Coffee Bar, down Princess Avenue in Hull.
Unfortunately where we had planned on going was actually closed, so this place was our option B! It caught my eye because of all the pastel coloured writing on the window! I FREAKING LOVE PASTEL COLOURS!!!
The cafe was very small with around 5 tables. It had just the right amount of space between each table so you didn't feel all squashed together!
The cafe was like a little vintage shop too! It sold lots of pretty jewellery, hand bags and gifts! I enjoyed spotting all the different things scattered around the cafe that you could buy! Very clever idea... Okay... I may or may have not bought a pair of earrings! 
Okay, so I ordered something very different, nothing like I had tried before! A Mexican hot chocolate!? It was made with dark chocolate and cinnamon, so it was kind of spicy in a nice kind of way! I loved all the miss matchy cups and saucers! I especially liked the way they put a normal mug served on a china saucer! I would never think of doing something like that, but I think it worked really well.
I do a great drinking pose... NOT!
Whereas Em seems to do it pretty effortlessly!
So as soon as I saw pancakes on the menu, that was me sold! Of course I ordered the maple syrup pancakes with crispy bacon!
The sweetness of the syrup and the saltiness of the bacon is just soo ummmmm!!! Oh and they also layered butter in-between each pancake, which is very naughty but such a brilliant idea! All the butter soaked into the pancakes... I. Was. In. Heaven!
All gone!
These are the cute little earring I bought!
The place had a very creative, quirky vibe going on! I especially loved the way they displayed their menu's in funky looking photo frames!

Love, Laura


  1. Oh that place is the cutest! I love pretty little cafes like this! xx
    Jessie @ All Things Beautiful

  2. I know, I much prefer quirky places like this! Thanks for reading :) x