7 August 2014

Thursday's Thoughts #2

Good Evening Folkes! Okay, I don't think I've ever used that word in a sentence before... Anyway, a while ago I wrote a post called "Thursday's Thoughts", so seen as though it's Thursday and I've got a lot of thoughts going on at the moment, I'm back with another! 

Firstly I have just eaten my dad's homemade Thai green curry and it was blooming delicious! Thank dad, you the best! I can't wait till I'm older so that I can cook all of his family meals for my family, okay I'm talking a while off yet! But I like the idea! My dad has this book called "The Little Red Book". It's basically where he has written down all his favourite recipes in the last gazillion year! All the writing has faded... Two Christmas' ago I bought him this recipe book from Paperchase, where you write in all your own recipes for different meals. Has he used it? Na'ah, The Little Red Book still wins!

So, recently I have been feeling a bit all over the place! I have had a lot of stuff going on this month, not that I am complaining because it has all been so much fun! But do you ever feel like you are crazy busy doing all the fun things and forget about all the normal, small things you've gotta do!? So this month I am going to appreciate the small things. For example spending more quality time with my family and taking Zara out on longer walks! I also want to  start baking more and maybe even attempt a baking video! I have also started reading a new book by Cameron Diaz, called The Body Book. I have been looking for a book like this for a long, long time! It's basically a book educating you about nutrition and how your body works! But not in a boring sort of sciencey way! I am absolutely loving it and I can't wait to start putting all the little tips and advice into action!

Oh! I am now a coffee drinker! Usually I am a tea kinda gal but recently I have turned into a coffee drinker! Before the only coffee I would drink was a latte with one shot! But now I am all over granule and cappuccino coffees! Yes, this is probably a bad discovery but it definitely helps on those sleepy days when you need a kick up the bum!

That's all I've gotta say! Good night folks! ;)

Love, Laura


  1. I love posts like this! :) and the Cameron Diaz book sounds amazing! I will have to have a look as I a trying to up my diet at the moment. xx


  2. Thank you! I love writing them too :) Yeah I'd really recommend it, such a nice read! x