16 August 2014


On Wednesday I took the day off work to attend Ladies Day! It has definitely become a little tradition of mine to go every year now! Especially since me and Scott have got together, as he is a big fan of horse racing! Of course we took along our own picnic, which consisted of some of my favourite foods; olives, humous, pitta bread, chicken and big chocolate buttons! To drink I brought a bottle of Pimm's and some lemonade. Luckily when we arrived our friends had brought along fold up chairs and 6 large umbrellas!  So when it did rain a couple of times we all put the big umbrellas together to make a little shelter. I wore a dress from the Topshop, Kate Moss collection that I got in the sale for only £30! I love this dress because it is super girly and pretty and also very flattering because you can tie the little rope around you waist as loose as you like. This time I won two races, one of the horses was called Noodle Blue Boy, which I went for because I love noodles!! I think nearly all of us left with more money than we came with too! We then headed into town for a few drinks before walking home with a takeaway pizza in hand, with donner meat... I am not ashamed! I had the loveliest day with everyone! I also got to have a great catch up with my good friend, Jonathan, who I don't see nearly enough because he is always travelling to different countries with his work. Boo you Jonathan!
Take 1
... Take 2 (I may have knocked Em's drink out of her hand)
... and that's as good as it gets!
Studying the form, obviously!
Love, Laura

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