21 August 2014

Thursday's Thoughts #3

So, it's Thursday night. Which makes it Friday tomorrow and hello bank holiday weekend! Luckily for me I have also taken the rest of the week off work! So I am going to jam pack my week full of fun things with all my friends and family!

So the last few weeks I have been eating a whole lot more healthier (except the popcorn, Fanta and crispy m&m's I ate last night at the cinemas)! I am thoroughly enjoying my porridge with blueberries and banana every morning for breakfast! Last weekend I ran out of porridge and I kinda freaked out! I have just been loving my little routine of my porridge, a cup of tea and a glass of water for breaky! Talking about tea, I can't believe I am actually saying this... but... I no longer take sugar in my tea, or coffee! I thought it would take me a while to get used to but honestly by my second cup of tea with no sugar I really didn't care! Recently I have been making lots of little changes to create a more healthy diet! For example I am having almond milk with my porridge and I am drinking a lot more water and hardly any fizzy pop! Hands down, this has a lot to do with the Cameron Diaz, The Body Book! It is really educating me and making me want to change my diet! On the plus side I am still eating yummy foods and I really don't feel as though I'm on a diet as such, I'm just feeding my body the right kind of foods!

FYI! My hair is finally growing!! At the beginning of the year I had a lot of my hair chopped off so that it was shoulder length. The reason for this was because I had the ends of my hair, dip dyed blonde! Which by the way I absolutely adored and if it wasn't for the bleach damaging the hell out of my hair I would definitely keep that hair style! Apparently ginger hair can't take bleach as well as blonde or brunette hair! But finally I can actually see some growth going on, plus my hair is looking and feeling super healthy. Which to be honest, I'd take that any day over dry, rat like hair!

If you are wondering what the random photo of the flowers are... these are the beautiful flowers I bought my mum today! I'm not going to go into to much detail to why I bought her them, but my mum has been going through a lot of pain this past year and thought it would be the perfect way to brighten up her day!

Love, Laura

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