27 February 2014

Thursday's Thoughts

Hi Lovelies,

Today I was thinking to my myself... about thinking (as you do!). I am always thinking, I say thinking, but in most cases I mean talking. Ok, I like to talk, and as you can imagine not everyone around me appreciates that. So today, I thought it would be nice to write some of them down. I think it's great to reflect once in a while. To take a moment to think what is actually happening around you, remembering all the wonderful ways you have spent your week and anything new you have learnt (usually with me, it's some random, meaningless fact I have learnt that seizes to amaze me days later). I love the idea that in a few years time I can look back and see how things were and how I have changed. A lot like when I was at primary school keeping a secret diary with the cute little padlocks! I remember I always used to loose my key and resort to opening it with a paperclip! Thank god I discovered blogging... So here's what's been going on in my little head...

"I've been peeling bananas wrong my whole life" - Right so that's about as random as it gets. But today I discovered something incredible. I have always peeled bananas from the root (if that makes sense). I know bananas grow from tree's, but I'm talking about the end you snap off from the rest of the bunch.  But no, it's the other end, and OH MY LORD it is so much easier. Monkey's have been doing this ever since monkey's decided eating bananas would be the monkey like thing to do. Yes I am aware this will save me about 3 seconds of my life, but the simple things in life impress me.

"The best mussels I have ever tasted" - So on Tuesday night me and my boyfriend had "officially" been together 6 months, which you may think isn't a long time, but it feels so much more and it feels so so good! *smiley face* He took me to a restaurant called The Millhouse for dinner and it was beautiful, I hadn't been before and trying out new places to eat is one of my favouritist thing to do. Oh my the mussels were out of this world. I feel like I should say, "they're not just mussels, they are Thai infused mussels" like the M&S adverts (cringe!). Days later i'd be sat at my desk at work thinking about eating the starter all over again. The food was gorgeous and I can't wait to go back and try both their sunday dinners and afternoon tea. We had a lovely night and right now i've reached a very happy point in my life! Everything's seems right :):):)

"I may have a mayonnaise problem" - When your own mother has to talk to you about the amount of mayonnaise you're consuming, you take it pretty personnally. I am a sucker for condiments, I love a good chip dunk! But it's not just the chips, now I am finding myself having a spoonful of mayonnaise at every dinner time like it's the norm! I am typing this feeling pretty discussed at myself, so I just this moment took a second to google mayonnaise.  Ok, so there is 94 calories in 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise (sometimes I even have two), thats like the equivalent of a chocolate bar?! But why does a side of mayonnaise feel so much more innocent?! Time to cut out the condiments!

"Spring has sprung"- After work I no longer have to feel the way to my car to unlock my car door, THERE IS LIGHT! and yes, I am not lucky enough to own a remote car key(yet)! For the last couple of days the sun has been shining through the windows at work, reminding me of the dreaded days spent indoors during Summer. Working while I desperately wanted to catch some rays outside, while enjoying a nice cold ice cream! Luckily enough the ice-cream man learnt to stop right outside my office so that I could sneak out for one! Unfortunately he came most days and unfortunately I am easily persuaded to eat yummy food over anything healthy! I just can't wait for all the exciting things Spring andSsummer brings!! BBQ's, brighter nights, picnics, sandals, the beach and ice cold drinks! It makes me feel all giddy inside! I just love the thought of walking out the house without a hat, coat and scarf!

"The downside to youtube and blogging" - I spend a lot of my down time reading blogs and watching youtube videos, in fact I would go as far as saying I watch more youtube video's than I do TV nowadays! I mainly watch beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos! It's a great way to gain inspiration and to to get a valued opinion on products you are thinking of splurging out on! BUT the massive downfall, every time I read a blog or watch a video I want to buy everything they're talking about and in every single colour. My wish list of beauty products increases by the day!

So those are a few of my going's on and thought of mine. Now all I can think is that... it's Friday tomorrow (horaaaay!), another weekend, another Breaking Bad marathon and another offer number 3 from our takeaway menu! Most importantly I AM GOING TO SEE MICHAEL BUBLE LIVE ON SUNDAY, I cannot contain my excitement!! Oh, and I have a three day weekend come to think of it!

Love from 

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  1. Mayo with everything?? Definitely wrong, listen to your mum defo!!!! Loving Thursday thoughts!!! What a fab idea.