1 February 2014

Em's 20th Birthday | Dinner & Cocktails

On Wednesday night I had the most loveliest time with my girlfriends, celebrating Em's 20th Birthday! We spent the night in our hometown, Beverley, at a couple of our favourite places to dine and drink.
We started the night off at Em's house, we popped open a bottle of bubbly while Em opened up her birthday pressies! I got Em the M.A.C lipstick - Lady Danger! Describes her quite well I think (of course I'm joking) Note to self: Stop buying gifts you find hard to part with! It's not healthy!!!

Of course we had time for a few selfies before our taxi arrived! I love how me and Em looked co-ordinated with our Neon colour blazer and top, as we had no idea what each other were wearing!! I am absolutely loving my grey slouchy cardigan at the moment. I got this in the sales at Urban Outfitters, I find it goes with everything and I can just throw it on and it makes my outfit feel complete!
For Tea we ate out at Prezzo! I love this place, especially when I get 2 for 1(oooooow!)on my Taste Card. Yes I know what you are thinking... there were only three of us? We were very naughty and ordered an extra meal, pizza of course! Which kinda defeated the whole idea of going for the healthy option of a salad! Oh well.. free food is too hard to resist, right?!
Em wore her new lipstick I got her, looking beautiful as always!  And Em if you're reading this I know what you're thinking right now! "Why didn't you tell me there was a gap in my fringe?!" haha. Hey ho you can totally rock that gap!
What is a birthday without a cocktail?
After Tea we went to our most favourite place to drink, Lucia's. Us girlies absolutely love this place, it does the yummiest cocktails! But I have to say the best thing about this place is they give you cute little fleeced blankets on the back of your chairs! SO CUTE! 
I remember the first time I came here, it's like stepping into a different country, somewhere exotic! It has the feel of being abroad on holiday, and who doesn't want to feel like they're on holiday?! The decor is so pretty with little fairy lights and garlands!
Me, Em & Charlotte
Here we are enjoying a pitcher of 'Paradise in Yorkshire' ...exactly how I would describe Lucia's!
I couldn't resist getting all cosy in one of the sheep patterned blankets!
So Happy to be sharing Em's Birthday with her! She's one of my most dearest friends and I love her to pieces! Spending down time with my girlfriends is one of my most favourite things to do! It takes me away from all the little worries in life!

Love from L x


  1. Enjoyable read- I'm so nosy! You looked lovely also!


    1. Thank you for reading! I am exactly the same haha :-) x