16 February 2014


Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my oldest friend, Chelsey. It's not often we find time to hang out and catch up, as now we're all grown up we have to work a lot *sigh* Chel works nights and I work days, so its a tricky task scheduling each other in! But one thing for sure, when we do catch up, it's always somewhere tasty. We both love our food a lot! (a lot being a massive understatement!!)
We decided on a little place called The Shed, somewhere we both havant eaten before, described as a Quirky mix of vintage, contemporary and reclaimed. Totally up my street!!
For a few years now we've exchanged Valentines card, always bought from Paper chase because they sell the cutest cards ever, in my opinion. I swear one of these days we'll buy the same card for each other! I gave her some of the shortbread hearts I made (shown in my previous blog post) and Chelsey bought me two Malteaster Bunnies (I'm not too sure how Valentines related they are but she knows they are my absolute fave!) and a white chocolate Thornton's lolly. That reminds me I definitely need to stock up on the Malteaster Bunnies before Easter is over, this way I can eat them all throughout the year, until christmas when they bring out the Reindeer versions! (eeeeeeek!)

The first thing I notice when we arrived at The Shed was the array of different seating and furniture arrangements. I love a good choice of seating!
We sat down in what i'd describe as a church like bench to order our lunch. I'll be the first to admit I am thee slowest person known to man at deciding on what food to order, everything on the menu seems to excite me. As they were no longer serving food from the breakfast menu I couldn't go with my usual option of bacon and maple syrup pancakes! Since when were pancakes a breakfast only option?! I could eat them all day, every day! Now it was a whole new story, back to the menu... 
(This is my hurry up and decide what to eat before Chelsey disowns me face!)
  After a couple more times reading the menu I decided on the Mediterranean Platter! This way I got to try a few bits and bobs! This consisted of Smoked Chorizo and Sun-blush tomatoes wrapped in Serrano ham, a cherry tomato, mozzarella pearl & Fresh mint salad. Warm Goats Cheese drizzled with Honey and cracked black pepper served with balsamic dressed leaves and warm bread! (Wow, that's a mouthful in itself)
I love how our food was served on little baking trays and how Chelsey's chips were presented in a little plant pot! So adorable!
There were so many interesting decor to look at I could hardly contain my excitement! From the wall made of 2 pence coins to the knives and folks held together with wooden pegs! The Shed theme was definitely a winner for me!

I can definitely see this being my new place to lunch. I certainly can't wait to go back for breakfast and check out the pancakes I had my heart set on & of course the rest of the breakfast menu!

Speak to you soon
Love L x 

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