14 June 2014

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick "In Love with Ginger" Review

Hi there! Today I wanted to share with you a new favourite lipstick of mine! I do tend to shy away from the red/orange colours because I had always thought, red hair, red lips, is a complete no go. But I couldn't have been more wrong! I love the way it looks on me, especially against my fair skin.

This little guy ticks a loooooot of boxes for me! It is the Moisture Renew Lipstick by Rimmel in the colour "In Love with Ginger". It glides onto the lips so smooth and glossy! Usually with such a bold colour I have to apply a lip liner before hand, but with this being so smooth there is absolutely no need! This is also because the colour doesn't go on completely opaque (at first), so you can go on with your first application following the shape of you lips and then add a second application concentrating on the middle area. Leaving you with a beautiful opaque finish. I find this technique works best to create the perfect neat lip. 

This lipstick dries matte, but don't get me wrong I wore this all day and I seriously forgot I even had any lipstick on! There wasn't any rough, cracked feeling, it just felt like my normal lips. Moisture renew? I would agree 100%. Usually after wearing a matte lipstick all day I'm raring to apply some lip balm. But na'ah, not with this one!

Another one on my tick list is longevity. One application of this lasted me a whole lot of time,  the photo below was taken 7 hours after my first application. Yes it did fade as the day went by, but that is to be expected with a lot of eating, drinking and talking going on. But the best part was that the colour faded evenly. There was no patchy coloured lips going on and they were left looking like a lip stain. 

This lipstick creates such a easy to do gorgeous look. I have been going basic on the eyes with only mascara, my usually foundation and bronzer, then finishing the look off with this bold, statement lippy! Easy peasy!

Love, Laura x

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