4 June 2014

Mexican Food & Imaginary Gardens

This Sunday me and my friend Rosie had a little lunch date planned at a restaurant called Nacho's. It's a gorgeous Mexican restaurant that Scott and I had been to before where we tasted the most amazing nacho's!!! Duh, of course they were amazing, they named the bloody restaurant after them! ;)
From Nacho's we ordered the chorizo and chicken salad...
a ton of fries and a lot of mayonnaise to accompany...
... and of course we had to have the chilli con carne nacho's! Mmmmmmmmm
I also ordered a beer, which for me is very, very weird!! I am usual the wine kinda gal but I really wanted to order a Mexican beer to prepare for my holiday, which FYI is only 18 sleeps away!!! I then discovered today that Peroni isn't a Mexican beer and I was actually thinking of Corona. Damn me! Peroni, Corona, pretty close?!
You can probably tell I don't drink beer very often... oops!
One of my favourite things about the restaurant was the cute cow print chairs!! I am very easily impressed! All our food was amazing, we got little side plates and shared everything out between us! I particular loved the chips, they were so lovely and crispy! I am in fact a very picky chip eater, I hate it when chips are too potatoy!! These had the perfect balance of crisp and potato!
By the time we'd finished eating lunch and catching up it was about 4 o'clock! We didn't want to end the day yet so after searching on google a lot a lot of time we managed to find a local garden centre that stayed open till 6.  We tried on these little flap caps, weirdly it suited Rosie rather a lot, while mine had to balance on top because my head was too big!! 
We pottered around for a long time and found some adorable bistro tables! I particularly loved the pink one in the middle! I can just imagine sitting in my (non-existance) garden drinking tea with my friends!
I then fell in love some more with this cute wired bicycle! They were in so many different sizes and colours!  I think they're such a great idea for putting little plant pots in the basket for your garden!
I couldn't believe how much lovely stuff they had! They even had a fish tank area and a reptile section! These bearded dragon's were so funny, they kept coming up to the glass staring at us!
These are my favourite kind of days, spending time with my friends relaxing and eating good food! We had such a fun day laughing, catching up and choosing furniture for our imaginary gardens! Now I really want my own garden that I can decorate with all this cute stuff! Oh and have an afternoon tea party on my bistro table with a china tea set!

Love, Laura x

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