4 December 2014

Thursday's Thoughts #4

Right now I am in the perfect scenario to reflect... Zara on one side curled up asleep (basically being a normal dog for once!) and a cup of tea on the other side. Oh and of course I'm sat in bed in my onesie and for the Dodds household it's actually pretty quiet. Oh and by quiet I mean normal... Nobody shouting and people just generally speaking at a normal noise level for half nine at night! 

Anyway, as you can tell from the photo's I am feeling pretty damn festive! The last couple of weeks I have been gradually trying out all the Costa Christmas drinks and so far the orange hot chocolate and gingerbread latte are by far my favourites! Last night we put our Christmas tree up and for those of you wondering what the heck the third photo is (Queue story)... When I was three years old at nursery I made some of my own kind of "special" tinsel made from dried pasta and milk bottle tops! I was a very creative child (haha) and every year it makes an appearance towards the back of the tree! 

I also wanna talk spots. The last couple of months my skin has been really playing up! I was getting really down about them and because I wasn't seeing any improvements they were starting to stress me out! Every morning and night I was cleansing, toning and moisturising and I really couldn't see where I was going wrong! It was driving me insane! You would think having a strict skincare routine that my skin would be beautifully clear. BUT recently I have seen some pretty good improvements on my face, I have had no new mean spots and the redness has definitely reduced dramatically! I have started using something that I am calling "the magic serum". I am using it every night before bed and I am finally seeing a difference!!!! God, please don't jinx me *touches wood*. I have only been using this a week but I am so happy with the improvements so far! It is the Pai Copaiba & Zinc perfect balance blemish serum that I saw Estee write about on her blog! After being so fed up with my skin I instantly bought this after reading her blog post, now I am so glad I have made the splurge and fingers crossed the improvements will keep on coming in week 2. I also have a 'before' photo of my skin, so I am hoping to do take an incredible 'after' photo to show you just how great this stuff is. Watch this space for an excitable review!

Please let me know in the comments if you've tried any other Pai products! :)

I also discovered this week that my boyfriend has never seen the movie, Elf?! How can anyone not have seen this movie! So tomorrow, I have made some really lovely Christmas plans. Me, Scott, my mum and my little brother are going to stay in and watch Elf, order takeaway and make Bailey's hot chocolates. Having cosy nights in with the people I love is one of my favourite things to do and that combined with Christmas I just don't know how my Friday night plans could get any better?!

On that note I am going to cosy up in bed and scroll through twitter and Instagram until I fall asleep!

Only 21 sleeps till Christmas!!!

Love, Laura 

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