11 December 2014

Hull Bloggers Meet!

On Sunday I attended the Hull blogger meet up that was held at Fudge, an awesome cafe, restaurant, bakery down Princes Avenue in Hull. It seriously has all kinds of yumminess! The event was very well organised, when we arrived there were these huge goody bags, each labelled with our names scattered around the seated tables. 
I wore my Christmas jumper from Matalan that says "Ho, Ho, Ho" and to match the red theme I brought out my Ruby Woo lipstick by MAC. This was the perfect lipstick to wear because I knew that it would stick around even after food and drink!
Later on the staff from Fudge brought us out a lovely selection of afternoon tea goodies. Along with some very pretty china cups and saucers for a nice cup of English tea! They also brought out each table a bowl of nacho's which were also incredible! They do nacho's GOOD!
The food was presented very nicely and now for the scones...
The perfect amount of cream and jam (spilling out the sides, just the way I like it!!).
I ate mine burger style... Honestly I couldn't find a fork!!
Now I wanna talk about one of my favourite brands that were involved in the meet up. Some lovely girls from the company, Arbonne joined us to talk about their skincare brand. I was so impressed with their products but mostly at how passionate and knowledgable they were about their products. We had the chance to test out a selection of products from a few of their skincare collections! One of my favourites was their SeaSource Renewing Body Gel√©e.  
This product was so refreshing and cooling, I particularly loved the way it sank into my skin 
so quickly and how it left my skin feeling super moisturised! With it's calming scent it 
really  reminded me of something you would pick up in a luxurious spa.
Towards the end of the day their was a fabulous raffle! Unfortunately I had to leave early because me and Scott had previously made plans to go to the panto! Before leaving I bought some raffle tickets and I was lucky enough to win some great prizes that my friend has kept safe for me. 
Before leaving we were all given an extra little goody bag wrapped up as a Christmas gift. The whole day was fantastic and I can't wait to attend more events like this. The event was very informal and friendly and the atmosphere throughout the day left me feeling super happy and excited about blogging in the future! 

If you'd like me to do a more detailed post to show you exactly what I got in my goody bag, please let me know because when I opened up all the wonderful things it made me extremely giddy!

Thank you Alex & Jaye for organising such a great meet up! :)

Love, Laura 

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