8 October 2014

Food Festival Happiness!

On Sunday I had one of the most loveliest days! Probably because it involved eating food and wandering around markets, a favourite combination of mine! Every year in my hometown they put on a big food festival around Autumn time, featuring over 100 stalls,  selling lots of different local produce! Me being a massive foody, I always make sure I keep that date free!! This year me and my friend Hannah went along together. It was such a nice day, walking from stall to stall, tasting all the different foods they had to offer. These were some of my favourites... 
Every year I see people walking around with these huge sticks of sprouts! So this year I treated my dad to some. Lucky old dad... He does love sprouts, but I think he was expecting something a little bit tastier! 
Our bags were full to the brim, so we stopped off at Nero's for a long coffee break! We had a really good catch up and looked through all the yummy things we had bought!
After walking home, we enjoyed a slice of the carrot cake loaf and a cup of tea!
... and here is everything I bought! The homemade scotch egg and the Toblerone cupcake were my favourites!  
It's safe to say I had a very happy tummy on Sunday!

Love, Laura

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