2 June 2015

Beach Bag Essentials

Twenty Two days and I will be in Cuba...

Which means over the next few weeks I'm going to share with you my top tips on holiday organisation. The organisation behind going on holiday gets me weirdly excited, I can't get enough of making lists, holiday shopping and packing!! I've probably tipped over the edge recently because at the weekend I went holiday shopping, so now I'm in proper holiday mode!

Anyway, this could work two ways. I'm going to either annoy the hell out of you with holiday talk, if yours is a million miles away. Or, I'm going to help those of you who are useless at being organised and just want to be sunbathing on the beach already.

1. Beach bag - otherwise where else are you going to put all your shiz? 
I got this cute shell one from H&M for £8.

2. Waterproof case - for either your phone or camera that you'd rather
 not get wet by the side of the pool.

3. Sunglasses - Duh? Just make sure they have UV protection.

4. Jelly Shoes - Especially if you're on the beach (and freak out when your feet
 touch the bottom of the sea, like me!) to protect you tootsies from the stones and
 rubble at the bottom of the sea.

5. Towel - For obvious reasons!

6. A good book - I can't just lay for hours in the sun and do nothing - I like 
to be kept entertained with a good book!

7. Sun protection - Look after your skin. If you have fair toned skin like me, red hair... 
You burn like a b**** and that ain't fun. Make sure it's waterproof too, 
I can't stand longer than 20 minutes in the sun without jumping in the pool to refresh.

8. A waboba water ball - These are the most entertaining things EVER, 
a ball that bounces on water! Warning: this game can get extremely addictive!

If you have anything else to add to my list, please write them in the comments! :)

Love, Laura x

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