27 May 2015

The Wednesday Post

I've missed my little blog. 

talknineteenofthedozen is back...

With a well edited instagram photo of Zara walking away from the beach.

I feel pretty impressed with my editing skills with this photo, I managed to make an average day in East Yorkshire look awesomely sunny. Who knew awesomely was a word? I half expected it to be underlined with a squiggly red line. Who knew?! I'm kind of disappointed now, I love creating new words!

 Yeah, sometimes I just type absolute crap.

Please leave your blog address' in the comments, I love to read them in my spare time!

I was just thinking what's Bye in Cuban? As in 4 weeks time, that's where I'm gonna be... *excitement* but in Cuba they speak Spanish... So, adios!


  1. Lovely photo! Your dog is so cute : ) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

  2. Nice to see you back! What a cute dog :)

    Will you be coming back to youtube at all? xx


    1. Thank you Jordan, It's great to be back!

      That's really nice of you to ask, I most certainly will once I've got back into the swing of things! xx

  3. Welcome back hun! Such a lovely photo of Zara!

    Charlotte / styleaked