17 September 2014

The Origins GinZing Moisturiser

Hello, today I want to talk moisturiser! To be honest in the past I have never invested in a "decent" moisturiser. But this I can confirm, is very decent! I have been using this product for around 4 months now, so I feel as though my opinion is pretty solid and a worthy review!

The first thing I have to say about this product, it smells of freaking orange starbursts!! But unlike starbursts it doesn't leave you skin feeling sticky! In fact it does the complete opposite! The formula is a very lightweight, creamy texture, verging on a gel like formula. The product applies very nicely, taking only a couple minutes before the moisturiser has left the surface of your face and completely disappeared into your skin. This is great because it feels as though my skin is being hydrated almost instantly, as if my face was super thirsty and wanted a big cup of water! 

Which brings me onto my next point, this product is perfect to use before applying your makeup, because you are not left with any greasy residue. Which is exactly what I do and works very well for me! As well as using this as a morning moisturiser, I also use this on a night time just before bed. This also works great, I wake up the next morning with my face feeling as smooth as a babies bottom! I also love to use this product when I am having no makeup days because I feel that it makes my skin feel very refreshed and polished! 

Recently my skin has been a little unusual, I haven't been getting spots, more like lots of little rough bumps! The reason I am saying this is because originally I wasn't using a moisturiser whilst I was getting these strange bumps, because I was certain this would worsen the problem by adding extra oil and grease. So because my skin was neither improving or getting worse, I decided to bring this little product back into play! This most definitely improved my skin situation by a mile.  I then went on to realise that the Origins GinZing moisturiser is an oil-free formula, which makes perfect sense to me now! Okay, story time over!

I definitely think Origins is one of the few, more affordable brands in the high end skincare category. For me they definitely come out top for pricing and quality! This product is priced at £23.

You can buy this product here & here!

You may have noticed the other little guy in the photo?! Stay tuned for the eye cream review soon to come!

Love, Laura

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  1. Gorgeous pictures Laura!

    Charlotte x